MCPA Classifieds: Equipment for Sale



Red Light Therapy unit “Slim Line/Vevazz” for toning, weight loss, 8 paddles. $10,000.00
Light Beam Generator $ 1,300.00 (2 heads)
Phonocardiograph: Technology Applications Associates, Model L F100A $ 200.00
Various European energetic medicine instruments - inquire.
Contact: Kinesiology Center of Greater St. Louis, Inc. 314-991-5655 [email protected]

Items from the late Kim Fite’s estate sale, office equipment only:
Hill Laboratories Adjustment Tables
Auto Cervical drop
Purchased 3 years ago
Used for 18 months
Purchased new at $3,750 each
Will accept $3,200 for both or individually at $1,750 each

Rich Mar, ultrasound-stim #WINNER/CM2
Comes with various ultra-sound accessories and accompanying machine cart
Purchased new at $2,700
Offering $1,800 for machine and assorted products
Various assortment of chiropractic office equipment, such as stools, file cabinets, storage cabinets, related books and book-keeping items.
All Interested parties, please direct inquiries to Julian Beever
Phone: 573-220-0716 (Please leave a message) Email: [email protected]